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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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in three hours, this 12-year-ol right now at 11:00, breaking news. cleared for takeoff. in three hours this 12-year-old fwirl from yemen is supposed to board a plane bound for the abare. area freedom flight after a federal ruling blocks president trump's travel ban. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. there's a lot happening at this hour. much of it is confusion, but here is what we can confirm. a federal judge in seattle
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issued a temporary restraining order. this is nationwide. it effectively overturns the president's ban on travelers and immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries. for now the white house tonight scrambling to issue a statement saying the department of justice will be instructed to fight back. >> now, for the moment, some previously banned travelers are being allowed to board planes heading to the u.s. nbc bay area's jean elle is live with more on this developing stories. what do you know? >> reporter: that court order in seattle is opening a travel window for people with valid visas. attorneys tell us people once banned from boarding airplanes are given the clear to get on board airplanes heading here to the united states, but there are still concerns about the future of the ban. >> the law is a powerful thing. it has the ability to hold everybody accountable to it, and that includes the president of the united states. >> reporter: washington state's attorney general tells a federal
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judge president trump's ban on travelers and refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries is unconstitutional because it is directed at the muslim religion. tonight a seattle judge agrees and temporarily blocks the order, restoring travel freedoms for tens of thousands of foreigners from iran, iraq, syria, sudan, libya and yemen. among them, 12-year-old yemen girl who has been stuck in ji baudy for a week, waiting to join her family. tonight she will begin her journey to the bay area in a matter of hours. >> i am worried because tlaus a -- you don't know what is going to happen next. >> reporter: stanford student is hopping the ban is lifted for good. the 21-year-old is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit filed today in san francisco by the the aclu. also arguing the travel ban is unconstitutional. if the ban isn't lifted, she won't be able to go home to yemen and see her husband while
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pursuing her education. >> i cannot imagine to wait and not see them for one year let alone four years. >> reporter: the trump administration is promising to fight the temporary restraining order. al malafax says she is proud to fight for freedoms. >> i'm certainly holding on to this hope. >> reporter: developments surrounding the ban are happening quickly, and that pace is likely to continue with the white house promising to take action. now, as far as 12-year-old eman ali, her family says they're hoping to meet her at is, so on sunday. >> reporting live at sso, jean elle bay area news. thank you. it could be a mad rush around the world to get back into the united states before anything else happens. here is part of the white house statement. quote. at the earlier post time the doj, the ept did of justice, intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the president, which we believe is
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lawful and appropriate. no word when that action will be taken. well, there's new video just into the newsroom of another storm-related road block. pg&e is on the scene of a downed power poland low hanging lines. it means it is closed until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. while crews try to clear it up. as the crews make the repairs, they're bracing for more wet weather. satellite radar shows a new storm developing in the pacific. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking that. >> it is going to impact the weekend but it will be shoved towards the back half of the weekend. so we'll be pretty good here without any kind of major heavy rainfall for a good part of saturday and also on sunday. right now, stormranger, our mobile doppler radar, is still picking up a few areas of moderate rainfall throughout the bay area, most numerous near the san francisco airport, we saw it on jean elle's live it sho.
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this will continue north and east into hayward by 11:51 tonight. now, for this weekend, that storm system is expected to arrive by sunday. looks like by 8:30 at night we will begin to see pockets of heavier rainfall. more in the forecast at 11:10 and 11:19 tonight. we will see you shortly. we finally have answers to a recent death. tonight police are confirming to us a berkeley couple found dead in their apartment last month died from carbon monoxide poisoning. the tragic accident now has their neighbors concerned. the source of the carbon monoxide is still unknown. nbc bay area cheryl herd joins us from berkeley with new details. cher cheryl. >> reporter: well, raj, it's been a week and a half and the memorial dedicated to the couple found dead inside this apartment building is growing, and so is concern about how they died. tonight residents here finally got an answer, but now they have more questions.
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marie nado had her hotel reservations set and cat ready to go for a 24-hour evacuation of her berkeley apartment. today building management sent this e-mail telling her the evacuation was cancelled. >> the probably is that we are in the first line of hazard and we're not being informed of what is going on. >> reporter: nadeau and two of her apartment mates have been uneasy for almost two weeks now, leaving their wall heater off. it started when roger and valerie morash, who live here in apartment four, were found dead in two separate locations of their unit along with their two cats. >> theresa next door said she heard beeping. >> reporter: at first authorities ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning, creating panic for their neighbors. police not releasing information, telling tenants the couple's death is under investigation. >> we are the public in this. we are actually tenants in the
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building potentially at risk. >> reporter: this evening berkeley p.d. put out an alert saying the couple's death was caused by acute carbon monoxide intoxication, a tragic accident, but the source is still unknown. now, neighbors tell me tonight that the couple worked from home and they often smelled fumes coming from a generator inside their apartment. reporting live in burkely, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. thank you very much, cheryl. disturbing note found on a car in san francisco is being investigated as a hate crime. we have blurred the words due to extremely offensive language. police do say that the note was glued to a car parked at 23rd and noe. the owner of the car found it thursday morning. the victim does not want to talk about it. they don't want the release information until they know more. police are calling it the largest seizure of o'yum poppy
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pods. more than 3,000 were found in a mountain view storage locker. tonight a couple is behind bars. nbc bay area's chuck copeland joins us from the elmwood jail in melpitas. this is where the couple is spending the night. investigators believe it is the sole income of the couple, selling opium and had been doing it for years. investigators me they found some $800,000 in the couple's bank accounts that are now frozen. >> we had already suspected something. >> reporter: one neighbor who did not want to be identified was not surprised when mountain view police arrested 34-year-old jasmir sing and his wife donna sant owe after police found 30,000 dollars in cash and poppy pods in the couple's apartment. >> late at night, rand onom car would come and pick up stuff in
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brown bags or mall boxes. >> reporter: more than small boxes, police say they found nearly 4,000 pound at opium poppy pods in a nearby storage locker with a street you value of 400,000 dollars. >> the shipment came from great britain but we don't know where beyond that. >> reporter: a big break came tuesday. >> a customer was observed coming to the apartment, leaving with a box opium powder. >> the couple is also charged with child endangerment? these people were dealing out of their apartment with their five-year-old son living there. >> reporter: the husband and wife are scud yulheduled to ent pleas next wednesday in court. big problems like bad airbags for people like you. big fines for companies that are accused, but where does all of the money go? i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura. nbc bay area respond to a billion dollar question next. >> what the heck. >> drivers are dumbfounded, a free accident involving a massive boulder that sent two people to the hospital. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. have plans super bowl sunday? you can expect rain to return from 6:00 to 10:00 at night on sunday. i'll have details on how much rainfall we'll get in about eight minutes.
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. what the heck? >> that's a boulder. >> it is a boulder. you heard them. that large boulder gave drivers quite a surprise on highway 152 outside of gilroy. it is a big boulder too. the chp says it weighs between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds and it came tumbling down the hillside. three cars hit it including a box truck which caught fire. deputies say two people were taken to the hospital after
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serious injuries after hitting it. >> milo yiannopoulos is long gone, but the pressure remains in berk lichlt people want answers, who is responsible here and what are the repercussions. the mayor says the police department did its best to keep the peace. he is also responding to president trump's threat to cut federal funding to cal. >> because you disagree with the views of berkeley residents doesn't give you the right to bully us and cut funding for not only research but education. >> well, today the starbuck's that was damaged in the protests re-op-ed. cal campus police say they have extensive video from the attacks and are trying to determine who is behind those masks of those black block protesters. >> the president had more tweets about the cal protest. he tweeted, professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of millions of people who voted to make america great again. now, in light of this week's protest at berkeley, this weekend we're going to reair an episode of our emmy-award
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winning series, revelations, rebels and revolutions? it looks at the story of free speech never told. you can see it tomorrow on nbc bay area at 4:00. where does all of the money go? tonight nbc bay area respond to a billion dollar question. >> with we follow the money trail when large companies pay huge fines. consumer investigator chris chmura has spent the last few months thumbing through records. it has been in depth. >> yes. the short answer is the money ends up in a place most people rarely trust and we rarely have access to. there is an alternative, but we question it too. >> we start tonight with the biggest product recall. >> federal cases. >> of misleading advertising. >> and federal funds. >> slapped with $185 million in fines. >> regulars on the mightily news. >> the company reached a settlement with the feds. >> that's where millions of
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drivers lying tiger dacosta learned their airbags were faulty. >> for eight months i was driving around in a dangerous car that could have killed me. >> reporter: for that risk and inconvenience, tyger figured he was due part of the $95 million fine the air bag maker paid the federal government. he was wrong. >> i got zero. zero. >> reporter: we analyzed three years of federal fines at nine large agencies, totaling more than a billion dollars. what stood out in our limited review is how rarely corporate fines are earmarked for consumers or the agency that investigated. when hundreds of dehumidifiers started catching fire and they paid a $15 million federal fine, that money went to the treasury for general use. >> at&t wireless in trouble with the government again. >> reporter: a $100 million fine at&t faces for claims it miss led customers about its data plans is destined for the u.s.
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treasury for general use. >> the fine against fee yacht chrysler is huge. >> reporter: and their fine for haphazard recalls ended up at, you guessed it, the u.s. treasury for general use. over and over u.s. government agencies told us federal law requires them to send fines into a general pool that congress spends as it sees fit. >> i think it is a travesty because that's money that really should go to prevention and to compensation for victims. >> reporter: rosemary shahan is a long-time crusader for vehicle safety. >> since '79. >> reporter: she believes they should stay with the agencies that sniff out misconduct. one federal agency told us it is set up differently. the consumer financial protection bureau. it recently fined wells fargo $100 million for opening bogeyous accounts. the full $100 million went to a
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fund specifically designated for financial education and victim compensation. the cfpb civil penalty fund has grown rapidly over the last years. it's balance is $305 million. it sits in a non-interest bearing account. critics call it too large, others too aggressive. >> some people believe you're after money rather than justice. what do you say to that? >> i think if you're enforcing the law there are people who aren't going to like it. >> reporter: we asked the agency about the size of the $305 million fund. to explain its answer, let's go back to the nightly news. >> from nbc news world headquarters. >> reporter: way back to enron. >> the news out of the wreckage of enron gets worse -- >> reporter: when they imploded in 2001, thousands lost billions of dollars. the cfpd says its nine figure fund is designed to bail out victims of the next enron-style collapse. it is an exception can.
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most federal funds are paid to to the treasury, the general fund. that's where takada's 95 million went and that angers tyger. >> congress has no business spending that money. the money belongs to the people driving around in dangerous cars like this. >> reporter: consumer advocate rosema rosemary shahan say it is unlikely to change. they have attempted to change federal law to focus on figure. if you have a consumer complaint call us at 1-888-996-tips. back to you guy. ee opening. thank you, chris. let's get back to the weather. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is wet out there and that leads to problems. there it is. that tree comes crashing down. this is cellphone video of a tree in capi the tola. neighbors say it was already
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tilted and the ground around northern california is so saturated this is what we've been seeing for several weeks. jeff ranieri is with us now. we saw jean elle at sfo. it is raining at parts of the bay area. >> and when this wind kicks up more trees could come down. the winds could gust as high as 40 miles an hour sunday night. we will have more on the particulars in a minute but to our weather forecast right now. we have stormranger continuing to show some light to moderate activity across the bay area at the current moment. again, nothing too heavy or widespread, but good enough here on 101, also 280 to keep the roads dangerously slick. it is moving to the north and east, continually impacting oakland, orinda, and lafayette creek as we head into the next hour, hour and a half of. for tomorrow morning keep the the umbrella handy. you will need the jacket. it will be a little slick and
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slippery on the roadways as we get going on saturday morning. temperature of 50 in the tri vall valley. throughout the north bay and san francisco in the low 50s. nothing in terms of heavy rainfall but a little hit and miss rainfall coming your way. a look at micro climate throughout saturday, we will keep the chance of spotty showers throughout the day. not much in the way of sun, but at least no heavy downpours. 62 in san jose, 58 expected in morgan hill and 59 for gilroy. take you to the east bay, antioch coming in with a high of 61 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 10 miles an hour. danville a little cooler at 58, and over to fremont, 6 . for the peninsula, belmont 58. winds southwest at seven miles per hour, and you may get just a peak of sunshine breaking through but we'll keep the chance of spotty showers into san francisco. 58 in the mission, 56 in the
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outer sunset and 59 in marina. 57 in mill valley, then up towards sonoma 60 degrees. saturday, nothing in terms of a big storm, but by sunday is when things start to change. specifically at 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday, our storm system will be out here in the pacific but beginning to show itself. then as we head throughout 8:30 in the morning, quick and fast changes with possibly some heavier rainfall. this will continue into monday morning. so early estimates on the rainfall look like this. santa rosa, inch and a half. san francisco, three-quarters of an inch. orinda, 1 inch. and for the santa cruz mountains one on 2 inches. no major river flooding expected with it but we will watch closely because we will stay wet into tuesday and then on again, off again rain chances wednesday, thursday and also into friday. we will take you into the interior valley forecast, and you will find this new storm system late sunday night into
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monday, and then the possibility of rainfall as we head into next week. so, again, tomorrow morning a little bit slick and slippery. >> well said, jeff. >> thank you, thank you. >> thanks, jeff. up next, too much of a good thing. the reason some say all of the snow in the sierra is a little bad for business. and we have jimmy. >> hey, gis. we are playing a new food tasting game with gordon ramsay. do not change the channel. happening now, president donald trump's pick for army secretary has withdrawn his name from consideration. viola is the west point grad who withdraw his name because he was unable to separate himself from business ties. iran is banning u.s. wrestlers from the free trial world cup in response to the president's sanctions against that country. back with more news.
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. video - just moments after a brutal attack in san francisco. police are looking for a man right here captured on surveillance video moments after a brutal attack in san francisco. investigators say a man was beaten to death near mission and excelsior sunday morning off the san jose exit off 280. if you have information, call sfpd. a faulty dryer is to blame for a fire in the city. our nbc chopper was overhead today and the fire started in the basement of a grocery market at stockton and pacific, right there in chinatown. firefighters rescued one man and thankfully no other injury, everyone else got out.
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20 people live in the building. >> it is becoming a common sight this year, heavy snow in the sierra. the caltrans camera showing the scene at 0 and king veil, but businesses are saying too much know. at the ski shop, they say it is keeping people away. >> when you get snow levels as heavy as we got, people can't come up and enjoy the snow. >> one of the businesses benefitting from the snow? gas stations along 80. not just because of the extra traffic but because of the chain sales as well. >> up next, a poplar member of the giants is leaving the team, and history at stanford tonight. we'll show you. tonight fallon has gordon ramsay, a swear jar.
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in our own backyard. . well, one of the most legendary coaches in all-america is right in our own backyard. >> and tonight she made national news. here is the scene at stanford. >> vanderveer joins the,000 win club. >> how about that, tara vanderveer wins her 1,000 career game. stanford beats usc. how impressive is this 1,000? vanderveer is only the third basketball coach, men or women, to reach this milestone.
11:30 pm
the other two, pat summit and mike shiskepsk. this has been an elite program for about 20 years now. >> congratulations. how about this, a poplar member of the giants is going to the dodgers. the dodgers! the mlb network is reporting giants' pitcher is headed to l.a. romo has been with the giants since 2005, his entire career, but he did struggle this last season but won those world series. i remember the parade. >> yes, he was part of all three of the world series teams. he was such a poplar guy, a nice guy. we're back in a moment with the big line for beer. stay with us. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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. okay. this is not your ordinary beer. lager lovers lined up overnight as they do every first friday in february when santa rosa's russian brewing company releases its famous beer, pliny the younger. it is served on tap only two weeks and inspires beer lovers to drive for hours. >> it is my third year. the first year was way in the back. last year i was second in line. this year i'm first in line. >> my dad got me into craft
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beer, god, i guess 13 years ago. we've been talking about doing this forever. it is on his bucket list. >> but you can't get it by the bucket. the beer is a triple ipa which is higher in alcohol and very hoppy, as i was told. it is worth the rain. don't want to go to marin, head east. we have it on good authority they will be getting a few kegs. pliny the younger as well. but call ahead to make sure. >> where in pleasanton? >> the hop yard. >> we said i was going to get some, that means i get extra beer, right? >> keep it up. have a good weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gordon ramsay, alessia cara,


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